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Dan Morales
Marketer & Growth Hacker
September 14 ✏ 6 min read
In the world of Telegram ICO marketing, it is common for groups on Telegram to grow into supergroups with tens of thousands of members. So how can you make sure all 10,000 members of your group and new members coming in every day see an important announcement or message?
Well you could spam the message over and over daily, but that would take a lot of time and would annoy members, so Telegram came up with a better solution: The Pinned Message.

A pinned message means any member, new and old, will always see this message in the top part of the group chat like so:
Telegram group pinned message Tiberius Coin | Freegram Blog
Did you know that when you pin a message all members receive a push notification? Even if they have the group muted! Learn more Telegram marketing tips here.
So before you go crazy pinning every message you send to your group, let's look at our top 10 examples of pinned posts in Telegram Groups for ICO marketing.
1. Tiberius Coin Pinned Message
Tiberius Coin ICO Telegram Group Pinned Post | Freegram Blog
To start off we have this great example of a good pinned message for a Telegram ICO group. Firstly, it was pinned directly by the CEO of the project, which shows members that he is active in the group and with the community. It also clearly points out the objective of the group: "best place to stay up to date and ask questions". Important as well, it specifies chat rules since no one wants an out of control group.

Important links and social channels highlighted. Answers most FAQs, like when is the sale, who are the admins, what's the price. Lastly, uses emojis to point out important warnings to members.


  • More emojis needed. These capture the attention of users scrolling past in the chat.
  • Some important info that can save a lot of questions such as bounty programs, and investing info could be included as well.
2. ICOVO ICO Telegram Group
icovo ico telegram group pinned post | Freegram Blog
This pinned message uses emojis to capture user attention. The objective of the group is clearly stated, important dates and links highlighted. Unlike the previous example, the bounty program is included and the project video and forum threads are included as well.


  • No rules included in the message.
  • Very long message. People don't like reading so key points have to be short
3. Osmium Investment ICO
OiCOiN ICO Telegram group pinned message | Freegram Blog
This is a great example of WHAT NOT TO DO. Too much text bunched up together without spacing makes this message unreadable. You don't want to force your users to pull out their glasses to be able to read your pinned message.
4. XAYA ICO Group
xaya ICO telegram group pinned post | Freegram Blog
Here is a great pinned message. Xaya summarizes its project in 1 sentence, making the pinned message easy to read, with emojis that act like header separators. Something new is used in this pinned message, channel admins and their language is stated, this is good so users know who can speak their language.
5. Ufoodo ICO Telegram Group
Ufoodo ICO Telegram Group Pinned Post | Freegram Blog
This one is a strange one. Having a pinned message with no information about the project will leave new users asking a ton of questions.

However, the worst part is that outlining errors such as "delay and lack of communication" is a big no-no. It's fine to acknowledge these things but putting them in a pinned message means that new users coming into the group will be scared away by a team that does not communicate with its community.
6. Gamedex ICO Telegram Group
Gamedex ICO Telegram Group Pinned Post | Freegram Blog
Here is another approach to pinned messages. It's short and straight to the point plus it gives users step by step directions on what they need to do. Important information is there without overwhelming users or making them read a huge wall of text. Well done!
7. NKN ICO Telegram Group
Nknorg ICO Telegram Group Pinned Post | Freegram Blog
This pinned message introduces something new, the monthly reports section. A good idea if your ICO wants to highlight recent results or achievements in a convenient place for all of your users.
8. Datablockchain Telegram Group
DBCIO ICO Telegram group pinned post | Freegram Blog
Another example of a great pinned message. It balances a good amount of information and links with relevant dates, emoji usage, and readable spacing. By now you should be getting the idea of what a good pinned message looks like, right?
9. SRX Telegram Group
Solarex ICO Telegram Group Pinned Post | Freegram Blog
At first glance this pinned message seems like it follows some of the best practices we have been documenting in our above posts, however, when trying to read it becomes obvious that this message was composed somewhere else and pasted to Telegram, losing its formatting and splitting information into 2 difficult to read columns.

Conclusion: compose your message directly on Telegram to avoid formatting problems.
10. Cryptopolice Telegram Group
cryptopolice ICO Telegram group pinned post | Freegram Blog
Last but not least, we have an example that puts most of the recommended best practices in use while still being able to fit inside a single screenshot, making it easy to read, clear and concise.

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In conclusion...
Every ICO wants to be able to share as much information with their community as possible, however, it is important to craft a pinned message in a way that is easy to read, clear, to the point and adds value.

There are thousands of ICOs out there and if the first impression that an investor has of your project is a hard to read or uninformative pinned message on Telegram they will just move onto the next project.

Pinning a message is FREE and can be seen by every new member coming into your group, so pairing a good pinned message with Telegram marketing strategies to bring hundreds of new potential investors to your group daily is one of our most recommended ICO marketing strategies.