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Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
June 4 ✏ 3 min read

Updated for 2018

Bookmark this blog post if you are an ICO investor or will be launching an ICO soon.
Telegram groups have become the single most efficient communication channel in the crypto community, whether you are a launching an ICO and need a place to connect with your community and potential investors, or an investor looking for answers regarding an upcoming crypto project, Telegram is the app to have.
telegram group on phone
At Freegram we have complete ICO marketing packages, where you will be able to find our FULL list of over 150 ICO related Telegram crypto channels/groups. In this article we wanted to share 25 active and useful Telegram ICO groups, so please share if you found it useful!

Here is the list:
For ICO projects there are two very important and commonly overlooked indicators that potential investors use to measure a project:
The number of MEMBERS in the project's Telegram ICO group
The engagement of the project with its community

Picture the following scenarios:

  1. A potential investor joins a group with 500 members, they then ask a question and received no response from a community manager.
  2. In the other scenario, a potential investor joins a Telegram group with over 10,000 members, they then ask a question regarding the project and receive a prompt response from a member of the projects community management team.
Which of the scenarios do you think is going to give the investor more confidence to participate in the ICO?
Making sure your group is constantly growing and enlisting appropriate community management services in various languages will increase investor confidence in the project.

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