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8 Ideas to get more Instagram likes

Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
January 6 ✏ 3 min read
One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our users about Instagram is: "how can our posts can stand out?". There are thousands of posts published on Instagram every day. It is impossible for one person to see them all or like them all. Instagram, like any other social media platform, is like black hole, where posts can be lost and never seen by anyone. Then, what can users do to capture people's attention? How can they get more followers?

The usual answer to this question focuses on quality. If you want to stand out, you need to post high-quality pictures. You need creative images and videos. You need people interact with your posts, so they give a like, save your post or comment on it.

Let us review our top 8 tips to publish better posts and get more Instagram likes:

1. Photos or video of a chat conversation.

A live interaction's video or picture is a great way to make followers interact with our profile. People usually see pictures on Instagram. Sometimes these pictures have basic quotes. However, showing a text conversation animated into video is a different way to approach people, since text conversations are usually private and not to be shared therefore this can bring about some funny interactions.

2. Creative set-up.

One way to get the attention of our followers, making sure they interact with our posts is through a unique and creative set-up. A set-up is when a picture is divided into various parts so when users enter your profile they see a large image. Whether we sell a product or not, we can create a set-up for our photos that can make people feel tempted to give a like when they open Instagram.
3. Spontaneous videos.

Social networks are platforms to show who we really are. We should not fear the idea of making a spontaneous video. We can tell an idea or show an event and encourage the interaction of our followers. These natural acts often result in much higher like counts

4. Play with typography.

Inspirational quotes are no longer a novelty on Instagram. Many large popular pages use them. However, your posts can stand out if you use a different font. You can write inspirational quotes with artistic typography, and posting them on your stories or feed in order to stand out from the traditional font format.

5. Tell your followers what you are living.

Real stories work very well on Instagram. If you go to the beach, you can take a picture of the scenery and tell a bit about your experience. If you go to the cinema, you can take the opportunity to share your opinion or recommendation of the movie you just saw, adding some value to your followers instead of just saying "hey I saw this movie". Let's make our lives count when it comes to posting on Instagram and capturing the attention of our followers.

6. We should all be living inspirational quotes.

Instead of copy and pasting inspirational quotes published on other websites, why not work towards living an inspirational life? This tip is a little long term but why not change your mindset so that every time you post you think about how you can inspire others with your words and actions? (and most importantly get more Instagram likes)
7. We can share our other Social Media posts.

Most people use more than one social media platform. You can take advantage of this, saving time and having content available for your Instagram. You can take screenshots of our popular posts on Facebook or Twitter and upload them on our Instagram.

8. Videos and photos of the things that interest us.

Last but not least, you can start sharing more of what you love with your followers. If you enjoy playing music, why not upload a video showing this? Anyone can help you take a picture or record a video of you carrying out your hobbies. People enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes and this will help you to get more likes and comments.

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