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Buying Youtube Views: FAQ

Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
August 27 ✏ 4 min read

Should You Buy Youtube Views?

The social media frenzy has had an indelible impact on our lives for over a decade, and access to social media is one of the most sought-after luxuries of our time. Sharing of posts is one of the most important aspects of these networking sites. These sites offer a vast array of content, with each catering to a specific audience.
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YouTube has a multitude of content variety and is a major source of income for it's most popular users. Users allow advertisements to be placed before their video starts, and there are paid per view. There are many videos that have millions of views, which should suggest that the content is desirable and/or entertaining.

The easiest way to gain more views is by purchasing them from legit sources, which allows the video to "trend". After an interval, the audience would be more likely to view the video (contributing to the revenue). YouTube has devised an algorithm which works on "view count". This ensures that the most desirable videos get pushed closer to the top of the search.
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Although some people believe that buying youtube views and subscribers is bad, it is a practice being used by big brands, record labels for major artists and upcoming influencers. Most people assume that buying Youtube views is "wrong" and will put their channel at risk. However, this could not be more wrong! Here at Freegram, we have had over 1000 satisfied clients including videos with over 1 Million purchased views and have never had a channel flagged or banned.

There are also several advantages to using Youtube services from Freegram. Most notably the snowball effect, as we call it. This is when a video starts gaining popularity (by buying youtube views) the snowball starts rolling and attracting organic views and subscribers on its own. We have proved the theory by split testing the same videos with organic views + purchased views. Guess which one grew faster? People assumed the video with 20,000 views (all purchased) was better than the one with 300 views simply because of perceived popularity, and clicked on that one.
Not only does the video start to become easier to find in a simple keyword search, but an organic "buzz" is created. The video gains traction from users sharing it, which helps strengthen the social marketing tactics. It raises the revenue, as it starts to be viewed far more often the other related/similar videos.

More views are directly related to an increase in inquiry and purchase of the targeted product. It's simply a matter of human nature: Users tend to watch a trending video over a lesser ranked alternative.
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When should you buy Youtube views?

When most videos are initially posted, it's normal for them to have little to no audience. That's when buying additional views would help jump-start the increase in viewership. It's often recommended to do your purchasing in intervals, as an initial boost may only last a short while. A video may need a few rounds of view purchases before it gains its own upward momentum.

Innumerable videos of different categories have garnered hefty view counts, and are trending at a dizzying pace. The number of views is a huge deciding factor for the audience to distinguish between which video to choose.
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Top viewed videos not only occupy the peak position in its algorithm but are also frequently suggested to the audience(and appears at the top in the feed). Such trending videos allow the marketers to reach their target audience more easily. The products they sell are geared towards the "type" of viewer that would watch a particular video. The audience often relies on the views, as it lends to the credibility of any service that advertises on it.

Here are some frequently asked questions we have regarding our Youtube Services:

1. Your video will get banned/deleted

Nope, the only way for a video to get removed from a channel is if it violates the TOS by showing illegal content or nudity. We've never had a client's account banned from using our services, and we guarantee all of our services. We don't use bots or fake visitors (both of which are against YouTube's terms of service), and only send real human views to your video.
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2. Why do I need to buy views?

Marketing through YouTube makes sense for two significant reasons. The first clear reason is in the numbers. YouTube clocks daily viewership at over twelve billion. Yes, that is correct, the website YouTube receives over twelve billion visits to videos on a daily basis. Figures in that quantity can either work for you or against you, which is why YouTube promotion is the key ingredient to success.

Videos with more views tend to rank better on search engines, as Google favors videos that are larger and more authoritative over smaller lesser-known videos. Lastly, YouTube rankings. Videos with more views and engagement rank better within YouTube's search function, and that means that you'll receive more views from within YouTube itself from users that are searching for videos with the search bar.
3. Do I need to buy likes and shares as well?

When buying views, many assume likes and comments will come naturally. Depending on how your video is promoted or how it has gained views, this isn't always the case. Even if it does, it doesn't guarantee it will be positive. Buying likes and comments alongside views helps boost your social proof and encourages others to like and comment as well. This is critical, as YouTube is increasingly taking engagement rates into consideration when ranking content. In other words, the more users engage with your content, the higher it will rank and the more traffic it will receive in turn.
4. What are the benefits of having more subscribers?

Every time you publish a new video, a notification is sent out to your subscribers that you've released a new video. For example, if you have a million subscribers and you post a new video, and half of them view their notification, in theory, you'll receive 500,000 views just by publishing that video; this is the power of having a large amount of YouTube subscribers. Aside from that, you will be eligible to monetize your videos with the Youtube Partner program.
Again, if it has not been made clear, Youtube bases it's whole search algorithm (meaning the order in which it shows you videos when you search for "Fortnite Clips") on the number of views a video has. More views equal a higher position on the list, this is very important since similar to Google searches, nobody goes to page 2. Being on the first page, and even in the top position for a certain keyword (like "Fortnite") means your video will gain more exposure and views quickly.
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If you don't your content being lost in a sea of thousands of videos being uploaded daily to Youtube, it is very important to consider boosting services. Hopefully, this article has cleared up some doubts in regards to buying Youtube views.

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