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$250 CMC
Community Management Credit
As we focus on delivering only the best community management service, we dedicate our team members full time to each project and never cross-manage numerous projects simultaneously.

Reviewing a project, preparing a custom plan & setting everything up takes time. By prepaying for future services, you provide a solid base for our team to dedicate that time and effort towards your specific project with priority.


We will contact you within 6 -12 hours with a proposal and schedule a call with you.
Special preferred customer rates for our community management services.
Preferred pricing for our other services including social media promotion.


We guarantee 100% refund within 3 days of request date in case you are unsatisfied with our final community management services offer.

Pay with Debit / Credit Cards, PayPal or Cryptocurrencies
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Buy purchasing service credit, you are not paying in full for future services. Community Management Service is subject to an additional agreement between Freegram and the Client. The final price may vary depending on your preferences. Freegram guarantees 100% refund within 3 days of payment should the client be unsatisfied with the future community management services offer.