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Experiment with ICO marketing or you will miss out!
Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
May 28 ✏ 5 min read
Understanding the features and mechanics of marketing tools for ICO is not easy. We have prepared this post in order to answer some of the most asked questions and help you to understand ways how to promote your ICO.
Telegram ban in Russia. Most of the users will be unaffected, due to simply switching over and using VPN to gain access to the messenger. Based on our findings, we don't think that many users will leave Telegram, most likely it will be around 20% of the entire audience. The most active and adequate ones will stay and continue using TG. If you have a TG channel, we advise continuing to maintain it as before, but also make a few other social media accounts, just in case. Also, do some analysis: if in a month your audience will get reduced to more than 30%, then it makes sense to switch to other messengers. If the audience remains, then you can safely continue using Telegram.
What are the options for messengers?
If you focus on the Russian market — Signal is a good option. For others, Discord, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Very soon, there will be a release of Join Chat — an instant messenger that will allow you to monetize content and manage the community, especially within the goals pursued in the ICO.
What other channels should the creators of ICO projects pay attention to?
For publications — LJ is good but it seems to be more appropriate for generation X and is not longer popularly used. Tumblr and Medium can be used for content creation and consumption. We also suggest looking at the new marketing DMP and teaser grinds. At this point in time, collaborations with influencers and bloggers is rather bad than a good way of advertising. Reason being is that, they are putting a fairly large price tag for their services, compared to the actual results and conversions that you will get out of it, which doesn't make it a very attractive investment. We advise carefully choosing and building the relationship with the ones who are: selective (don't promote all paid ICO's or scams) and are genuinely interested in your project. The quality over quantity is the rule here. Also, do not forget the importance of using Facebook and Google and make them a priority.
Is the marketing of conventional start-ups different from the marketing of ICO projects?
Yes, marketing of ICO-projects is more aggressive, short-term, changes quickly, unstable and you need to launch advertising campaigns simultaneously for many countries. For a regular project, marketing is focused on one, at most two or three countries. In ICO-marketing you need to react and act quickly. And there is an unspoken rule — if you're thinking about whether to do something or not in marketing ICO, then do it, otherwise there is a risk that the project will not get the needed hype or funding.
Is it worth collaborating with the media?
Cooperation with the media is 100% necessary. In the future, most likely, all the traditional forms of text will go to video, because the new generation is not used to reading. If your site does not create a lot of traffic, through the PR-publication, you can reach the target audience and use the targeted advertising tools to set up ads on Facebook. In addition, it is good to interact with the media in terms of partnerships. For example, we had a case, when one publication got to the 2nd place in the most asked questions. And a blog in the media with PR publications can seriously raise the conversion — by 50% on average.
What are the main problems in covering a large number of countries?
Any team needs to have a Legal Advice — a consultation of lawyers, so that they give advice on certain legal norms, as the laws in all countries, because they are all different. If the laws are not respected, they can block the advertising. In addition, it is necessary to research how advertising works in each country, what are the patterns of behavior of people and so on. It should also be understood, that if we are advertising in a certain country, then it may not be suitable for the entire region. Therefore, before starting a campaign in another country, in order to increase the conversion, it is necessary to compile a psychological portrait of a potential user and to study his perceptions, habits, and cultural values.
How to identify and form your own audience?
Content marketing in this sense is very helpful, especially at a time when Facebook and Google are going to block direct advertising of all businesses related to cryptocurrency. In order to attract a good community, you need to sell the idea to them. Often, crypto sites are monotonous in their execution and can not sell their idea. The content or articles that are written and placed in the media, or on the blog, are able to meet this goal and sell the idea. The only peculiarity is that the normal community is much more complicated than the crypto community, who just want to get their profits (X) on the day of listing on the exchange. Based on our observations, 90% of questions asked by community are along the lines of: "When will the project be listed on the main exchanges? ". Although, we would hope that they would ask more information about the development or the roadmap, we need to accept, that most of the community are not fans of your product or idea, they simply want to make money on speculation asap.
There are many ways to grow a startup. How to know which strategy is the most appropriate for the project?
If we are talking about the marketing strategy of a normal start-up, then first, we need to study and research the market, see if there are any analogues. If not, then ask yourself a fair question: "Why? Why did no one in the world thought of such a thing? Were there any prerequisites for this? ". Then it is necessary to competently study all competitors, through SimilarWeb and find out the structure of their traffic, analyze the number of orders. Next, determine your target audience: what these people do, where they hang out, how they are interested in your project, whether these people are investing in your project. Then,, you need to locate yourself and your product properties on the matrix of competitors, differentiation features and how will you position yourself to your target market. And only after that it makes sense to test different channels, do hypotheses, you can find channels that are working for you and will help in scaling your project.

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How to promote the project after the ICO and constantly maintain interest from investors? Is there life after ICO?

Of course there is life after the ICO. We advise you to have a good, professional community manager (or a few) who will take care of all the communication and relationship building with your investor community. Community managers are the direct contact and source of the company's news. These people must be always online or reachable, so that investors do not have any suspicions or doubts about your project. Plus, you need follow and adhere to your roadmap, in order to always deliver what you have promised to the community. We also suggest, to organize sessions with the founders (AMA's), send out newsletters and weekly/bi-weekly updates to keep in touch with the community. If you always keep investors informed, by making them feel involved and part of the project, your business will continue to grow and the interest of the community will remain after the ICO.