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Freegram Telegram Airdrop Bot

Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
December 24 ✏ 3 min read
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Airdrops are one of the most effective marketing strategies ICOs and even established crypto projects can implement. The fundamental objective behind an airdrop is to give away free coins in exchange for new user acquisition. While some airdrops in the past were complete giveaways, lately ICOs have started implementing conditions that the new users must complete before getting the free coins.

These conditions are usually easy tasks aimed at increasing reach and social sharing of the project. Some common airdrop tasks include:

  • Joining a Telegram group or channel

  • Following a projects social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Etc)

  • Interacting with posts on social media from the project (liking, commenting or sharing)
Once users complete these tasks, they will get coins and can usually repeat tasks to continue earning coins. However, this can take a HUGE amount of MANPOWER. Imagine having to validate that 20 000 users have joined a telegram group or channel, or cross referencing which airdrop participants are sharing social media posts.

This demand in manpower has caused many ICOs to opt out of running an Airdrop, causing them to miss reaching thousands of new potential users. Which is why Freegram has created a solution that can automate the whole Airdrop process, saving time and manpower, while helping ICO projects reach new users with ease.


Our bots will automatically sign up users for the airdrop program, confirm the completion of tasks & reward users. All you need to do is purchase the bot and make announcements across your social media channels such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit & Bitcointalk about the airdrop that you are running. The bot will help you manage the whole process. Users will complete the tasks for you and receive the rewards you set.

The Freegram bot can handle assigning and verifying tasks such as joining social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Retweeting your Twitter posts etc . The integrated referral system also makes it extremely easy to run a referral program alongside the airdrop, by automatically validating and rewarding users for inviting their friends to join the airdrop through a referral link. At the end of the airdrop / referral program you may export all data to allocate real tokens.
Using an Airdrop bot can help grow your user base by allowing you to collect the following information from potential new investors:

  1. Social Media profiles
  2. Emails
  3. Phone

Some exclusive features of the Freegram Airdrop Bot Include:

  • Human Verification System (similar to captcha)
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This anti-bot system will stop fraudulent activity, blocking fake accounts or bot accounts from participating in the airdrop therefore guaranteeing only real users participate.

  • Validating social media interactions including: joining telegram groups/channels, following on twitter, and retweeting. More social media channels coming soon!
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  • Users will be able to request a withdrawal when reaching certain thresholds of points/coins

  • NEW! The admin of the bot can broadcast custom notifications to all bot users. This can be any sort of message which will directly reach every single person who ever interacted with the bot.

Using the Freegram Airdrop bot a recent ICO project was able to acquire more than 170.000 new users in 2 weeks.

Want results like these?

Enquire more about the Freegram Airdrop Bot here
Try out the DEMO bot here: https://t.me/airdropdemobot

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