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I paid few days ago, and I still haven't received anything, did you get my payment?

Although this happens rarely, it may happen for two reasons:

1. The payment did not go through.

In case you have received order verification email from us or from payment processor (e.g PayPal, Stripe, Coingate) - your transaction went through and we have received your order.

In case you haven't received any emails, please contact our support team, and we will be happy to check what happened to your payment.

2. The payment is pending.

Your payment may be on hold or pending in case you have used your PayPal as a means of payment. Usually it occurs if you PayPal balance was not sufficient, making PayPal process your payment with an eCheck.

To clear the eCheck, PayPal may require anywhere from few days to few weeks depending on the country, bank and other case details.

*To find out what is an eCheck, please refer to this article.