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I just paid and money left my bank account, but I've got to a payment failed page...

Unfortunately this does happen sometimes, when the payment processor (e.g: Stripe, PayPal, Coingate) which handles your payment transaction delays the verification of the status of your payment.

For example, when Stripe processes card payments, sometimes, it may send the transaction through extra "layer" of security, requiring addition verification from the financial institution, which automatically grants a "declined" status, since the transaction was not granted "verified' status right away.

This causes your immediate redirection to the "payment failed" page.

To verify this, you may simply check your email:

1. In case you have received order verification email from us or from payment processor (e.g PayPal, Stripe, Coingate) - your transaction went through and we have received your order.

2. In case you haven't received any emails, please contact our support team, and we will be happy to check what happened to your payment.