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Frequently Asked Questions and Guides.
Do you need my password?
Nope. We only need a link to your post or profile to perform our services in most cases. For some of the services such as facebook ads and instagram organic boost, we may require you to grant admin rights to one of our representatives.
Group Members
Group members may be added only manually and with strict limitations 30-50 per day. And do expect tons of questions from people lie "how the hell, I ended up in this group" or "Who added me here without my consent". It does require lots of manpower and only admins can do it.

If anyone on the internet tells you that they can add you hundreds of thousands active users to your group, and especially based on interests (crypto/ICO/bitcoin related) or by different country or location (Wester Europe, Latin America, SE Asia)- do not trust them, it is simply impossible due to Telegram daily limits and restrictions!

It is only possible to INVITE not ADD real active users to your group. For more information on inviting services, please refer to our Crypto / BTC inviting package.
When is the time to use your service for my ICO group?
It is always a good time to boost your group up, however we recommend to either when you just created a group, or during active bounty program/airdrop announcement. But dozens of our customers have ordered our Telegram services between those 2 events and were extremely satisfied!
Will numbers drop over the time for my Telegram Channel?
Usually we see a 5-7% drop over the first week and after than numbers are stable for telegram channels. We always try to over-deliver to make sure you get the numbers you have ordered! If anything - message us back in a week or two and we will add more members!
YouTube Boosting Frequently Asked Questions.
How does Facebook services work?
We provide two types of facebook services. Untargeted and targeted boosts. Depending on the package, your page or post will gain the audience though either ads within the Facebook itself or through an exposure via our partners network. Every package has a unique description within itself which calrifies the details.
Is it safe to acquire audience like that?
We have delivered thousands of fans / likes rates etc & we have never had a customer with a bad experience. We do offer 100% money guarantee in case something is not fully satisfies you! You can not be more safer as the targeted service is provided the way Facebook designed it.
YouTube Boosting Frequently Asked Questions.
How does YouTube services work?
Our YouTube views, likes, comments, subscriptions service helps strengthen your YouTube video's credibility, popularity and encourages discussion on your video. Every view that you receive from our service is from a real person. Our services are completely compliant with YouTube's Terms and Conditions.
Is it safe to get subscribers / views this way?
We have delivered thousands of subscribers, comments, likes & views and we have never had a customer with a bad experience. We do offer 100% money guarantee in case something is not fully satisfies you!
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