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Why should I trust Freegram?

Freegram has beem in business since 2015 and developed the entire Telegram services industry.

As we were the first to introduce inviting services to Telegram groups and first to start offering single and multiple group comments - we have the most developed processes and know-how. In fact, some of our competitors started by reselling our services and some even copied our website, packages and pricing. At some point we had to redesign our website and services from scratch.

Freegram is always open to challenges and never resists to develop custom solutions. Our Telegram Chatbots that helped a number of blockchain based projects to successfully run and manage community management, airdrop programs and bounty campaigns have been developed based on our clients' custom inquiries

We are completely transparent. This is one of the main reasons why Freegram has such a high percentage of returning customers over the years! For instance, we will never state that we can attract customers or investors to your telegram group or channel without telling you how we can execute such order, unlike some of our competitors, who may state that while providing you with bots or ghost accounts.