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In order to invite members to your Telegram Group, we would need an owner of the group to make sure the following settings are configured as described below, otherwise the invitations will not go through.
Please indicate an email that is associated with your order and after a quick verification our team will start processing your order!
Update to Supergroup

Please make sure that your group is updated to a supergroup. In order to convert your roup to a supergroup:

Click on your Group nameInformationEditConvert to Supergroup
Update Group Type

Please make sure that your group type is updated to a PUBLIC group.

Click on your:

Group nameInformationEditGroup Type → Public → Update link to format: t.me/yourgroupname
Update Inviting Settings

Make sure that ALL MEMBERS may invite other members to your group:

Click on your Group nameInformationEditAdminsWho can add members → All members

or on the desktop app version:

Three dots in the top right corner (group settings) → Manage GroupGroup InfoAll members
Install Notifications Cleaner

When Inviting service is performed, your group members will get notified about each new member that joins.

This is why we recommend installing our "Notifications Cleaner".

In case you have purchased a package that already includes it, simply click here or the link in the email we have forwarded and follow the instructions on how to install it.

Check your email, you should have received a password to access this page.
Let Us Know That You Are All Set!

Your order is paused until your group is configures as per this guideline. Please let us know as soon as you or your group creator (owner) are done with the set up, so that we can start processing your order.

You may notify us through chat, email or by clicking "Notify Freegram"
Email assosiated with an order:
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