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How to optimize YouTube for search engines

Just like with any kind of SEO, Youtube video SEO requires an initial keyword investigation, after all how else are people going to find your videos?
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1. Generate a list of potential keywords

This part is where you need to get creative, here is the easiest way to find keywords for your Youtube Videos:

See example here.

Using the search suggest feature you can find which keywords people are searching for in order to use these keywords in your video. So for example if your video is about crypto, one of the most searched keywords is cryptocurrency news.

You can also look at competitor videos in order to understand which keywords helped them rank their video.

See example here.
2. Update your video descriptions & titles with keywords.

The most important place to put your keywords is in the title and the description of your video.


  • Make your keyword the FIRST word in the title
  • Keep your title clear and concise.
  • Don't spam the keyword in the title, use it only once.

  • Make the first 150 characters count!
You can make a description that is up to 2000 characters long (around 500 words), however, the first 150 characters are the most important because YouTube cuts it off with a (More) tag after that point, so your viewers have to click on more to read the rest and most viewers wont.

See example here.
3. Encourage viewers to subscribe & share.

The best way the Youtube algorithm can tell if a video is "popular" is by measuring how many viewers subscribe to a channel or share a video after watching it. So by simply asking users who watched to the end to subscribe to your channel or share the video with their friends your SEO ranking will increase.

Of course, everything has to be optimized first, keywords, title, description and video tags.

Youtube will always give more priority to videos with the most views on its search results so make sure to also read our top 10 tips to increase Youtube Views and Subscribers.

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