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How To Increase Youtube Subscribers in 2020

Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
June 2nd ✏ 3 min read
15 years ago no one could ever imagine that video streaming website will revolutionize the entire industry of TV and will make celebrities out of ordinary people who will start streaming games, recording interviews, doing pranks, making song covers and making travel shows all on one platform- Youtube. Some videos get as many views as entire population of our planet!

Being second most popular website (Alexa ranking) every SMM professional and blogger knows how important presents is on Youtube. And given we are living in the world where numbers matter the most, having great statistics on your Youtube is not only important for image, but as well for internal SEO on Youtube. Lets say you are trying to chose between 5 videos after searing "visiting Philippines" what video will be in the list on the top and from which channel would you chose to watch a video- the one with few hundreds views and almost no subscribers or from a popular channel which tens of thousands of subscribers and great amount of views & likes?

Potential viewers and fans, always looking not only to the thumbnail of your Youtube video (which is extremely important, and we will cover it in Freegram's next blogs), but also to the numbers. We at Freegram are helping bloggers, gamers, musicians,

Solution to Increase Subscribers on YT

We were the first ones who developed a unique inviting method for Telegram and back in 2014 our core developer had found the loophole for our customers and was able to deliver millions Instagram likes to Instagram celebrities. This time, we are proud to announce that we have found a working solution to grow your Youtube channel subscribers as well as views, likes and comments with real active Youtube users.

Motivated To Subscribe and Watch!

Our team has partnered with a chat-bot startup called deligate.it that is offering a solution for people who is looking to improve theirs social media by automating repetitive tasks & micro tasks delegation through crowdsourcing (real people execute small tasks online and make money from it). In just few months thier community grew to astonishing of over 56850 active users from all over the world, who are happy to earn extra cash helping different projects, artists, musicians, bloggers, crypto projects and businesses, by completing miscro-tasks right in the messaging apps.

How Does It Work?

A user-friendly interface of simple from the glance chat-bot allows so called "performers" to complete different small tasks and get rewarded. Such small tasks include liking, following, voting, sharing, commenting, watching live-streams on varios social media platfroms including all the big ones- Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram.

The system on the back-end, automatically verified the completion of the task and rewards the user. The system also monitors 24/7 the future actions of each user .It allows to control the desired result. Should any users decide to unlike a video or unsubscribe from your Youtube channel, the reward will be instantly debited and the task will be offered automatically to thousands of other users to re-complete / re-fill.
The service has been tested on over 5867 orders so far and is being constantly improving. The company is working on implementing many new features. The data that is currently being stored and analyzed, will allow to introduce country, language or even gender targeting options and many different preferences in very near future.

We are proud to state that many of those beta-test orders have been provided by Freegram and all of our clients are so far happy with the results. For our loyal customers, we always have a special promo-code that may be used at the checkout. Type "loyalty" and get an instant discount. The community of performers is rapidly growing and is hungry for new tasks. Below are some numbers.


New Performers: 56850
Active Performers: 19120

*Active = completed one or more tasks. Please note, that many users are having difficulty of getting new tasks due to the lack of volume.


Completed orders to date: 5867
Total number of unique completions: 369 105


As a preferred partner of deligate.it we are able to provide you with the same price for the service as it would cost you to order directly from them. This, however, is only valid for some of the services, such as Youtube promotion and some other social networks.

As simple as it used to be. Buy real Youtube likes, views, comments and subscribers in just a few clicks. Get started , by visiting our dedicated Youtube Promotional Services page.

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