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Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
Jan 28 ✏ 6 min read
Looking back to the ICO craziness of late-2017 & early-2018 and where projects are right now, we want to share what we think worked well for them and what ICO/TGE marketing directions coming up projects can employ in 2019 to be successful in the long run.
1. Community, community, community
Reach out to get a strong team of advisors with a solid academic background (PhD and up) and/or professional excellence in your startup's specific field. Having advisor's experience in helping other ICO's is a plus but make sure those projects' vision align well with yours idea.

However, if an advisor is "advising" (aka picture on the website and one tweet repost) 10 or 20 projects at the same time and asking you for 40 eth plus 40 more eth in your tokens- run!!! This will bring red flags to investors. Good mentor is not going to try "rob" founding team off their tokens and btc/eth raised during an ICO, they will put their own money into your project and realistically, no one can give valuable guidance to more than 1-2 startups at the same time.

A "star" advisor can greatly help with sourcing and bringing talent on board, building strong partnerships and relationships in the industry, promoting your idea within their network and analyzing the product-market fit.
The top 8 out of 1000 existing ICO listing websites make 80% of all online traffic. Choose wisely where to put up your ICO profile - majority are free but buying paid listings would be a great investment if it is one of the top 8 websites.
Best crypto bloggers can take your project from 0 to a 100 real quick. The most famous ICO-focused bloggers are Ian Balina, Suppoman, Oh Hey Matty and TheGobOne but to get their approval would require an absolutely top-notch idea, an "all-star" team and quite a bit of money!

Be aware, that just one review from them, can almost guarantee, that you will close the hard cap that's required for your project (of course it has to be a reasonable one). Approaching them and negotiating prices does require a lot of time, so keep that in mind.
Are you also tired of advertising on coinmarketup, coinwars and other websites and crypto platforms.? The purpose of banner ad is to get attention of potential crypto investors and to bring then to your ICO website, where he or she can learn more about your project. There are many platforms available for CPM / CPA banner ads like inxyads, propellerads, coinad & more. Learn which one's are top performing by contacting us.
Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo search ads can bring a lot of quality targeted audience- you can take targeting to the next level by using competitors names (use most hyped ended or upcoming ICOs) as keywords! Some search engines (like Google as of June, 2018) are banning ICO advertising, however there are workarounds that have already proved to work within networks that already banned ICO & Crypto ads.
Despite the changed attitude from Facebook, it remains one of the most convenient ways to create a large community and attract new investors. Facebook is following Google's policies with ICO marketing, now the best way to advertise is to invite FB audience to your Telegram group where investors can ask admins and other users about the project and see the link to a website in the pinned post. Platforms like Medium, Steemit, Bitcointalk and reddit are definitely crucial & will bring high quality traffic to your project.
Bounty programs allow ICO project to get marketing done by real people (which usually has better conversions than regular marketing efforts) and spread the word about your upcoming ICO on the internet or during meetups, in cities where, large or small groups of people interested in crypto industry can get together). Another marketing hack you can do with bounty programs is to promote translation of your blogs and news articles to different languages, in order to eliminate the language barrier for millions of people who might become involved in your startup.
The referral and airdrop programs allow your ICO get a lot of followers and not only increase the number of participants for tokens, but also make your social media numbers go through the roof, which will generate hype, the force that drives the entire crypto and ICO world.
Telegram has long been the main mean of the crypto-world communication and although regular social media advertising in the messenger does not exist, no one has canceled the possibility of exchanging traffic with partners or paying for promotion of your group in other crypto TG channels and groups.
Tawk.to, Intercom and many other platforms allow you, as an owner, to chat with visitors on your website and unlike the Telegram, it's more suitable for 1-1 communication with serious investors, that helps during the process of contributing and receiving tokens and to eliminate any objections.
11. BLOGS & PR
Blogs on platforms like Medium, Steemit, Golos (Russian Steemit) can bring a ridiculous amount of traffic to your Telegram group and ICO website if they are well-written and useful to the crypto community. Content is key for any great marketing campaign.

Marketing-hack: always use UTM tags to keep track from which article or ad you have received a redirect to your website.

Again, consistency is a key in marketing your ICO, we have seen thousands of horrible websites, shitty blogs about nothing, ideas, which just the following and the hype and added blockchain where it is not needed at all (hey, Coil Coil, waiting for crypto for dish soap producers next) or new cryptocurrencies (not utility tokens in this case) no one would ever use. Please stop for a minute and see what value your "next big" idea has and what is the best way to reach your audience, who will convert to a fan-base later on.

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