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TOP 5 ICO Marketing Tips

Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
June 4 ✏ 3 min read

Reach Your ICO Hard Cap Quickly

Crowdfunding ICOs is a method that has been around since Ethereum was successfully funded in 2014. Each year ICO marketing gains more and more relevance and new projects enter the ICO market.

Last year (2017) more than $5.6 billion USD was raised by ICOs, with over 436 completed ICO projects crowdfunding an average of $12.7 million USD per project.
men at table discussing ICO marketing strategies
With hundreds of ICOs already happening in 2018 its important to consider implementing an ICO marketing strategy with an ICO marketing agency like Freegram, in order to give your project a competitive advantage.

Here are our top 5 tips for ICO Marketing:


One of the most important pre-ICO activities in an effort to increase project exposure is getting your project listed on ICO Listings. With over 1000 listings in the market, it's important to find the top listing which accounts for more than 80% of all ICO related traffic. At Freegram we have a fully comprehensive list of ICO listings, that is included in our ICO Marketing packages.
ICO listing for ICO marketing

Some of the top listings:

You can spend hours and hours getting your project listed on all of the free ICO listing sites, but investing in the top listings is more than worth it for the amount of exposure they provide.


Blog posts published to free platforms like Medium, Steemit, or other popular crypto related paid outlets play an integral part of your ICO marketing plan. Not only can they bring in lots of traffic, but they help expose your ICO to the public.
press release PR strategy for ICO marketing
There are basically two routes you can take in regards to a PR and media strategy. You can work with an ICO marketing agency like Freegram. Which will work to generate content for your project, get it publish on all free and paid media platforms where it will reach your target audience. You can find more information on our ICO marketing packages page.

The other option is to do it yourself (DIY), which requires a lot of research, content creation, self-promotion and the resources and time to create relationships with media outlets.


Almost all successful ICOs have something in common, they all understood the importance and relevance that social media has on their marketing plan. A successful ICO has to capture the trust of the crypto community.

An ICO that doesn't respond to its users on channels like Facebook or Twitter, can create a negative perception. Leading users to believe that the ICO team is not committed enough to answer the communities doubts and questions.

How the project is represented on social media is directly related to the success or failure of an ICO marketing strategy.

Check out our community management services, which we offer in more than 5 languages!
person holding phone doing community management for ICO marketing projects

Some popular channels for community creation/management include:

1. Reddit
2. Facebook
3. Telegram

Telegram: This is the most important ICO social channel. It's the most popular and widely embraced amongst the crypto communities. A large and active Telegram channel usually means a project is going to have a successful ICO. Check out our Telegram Solutions here.


Bounty programs are incentive-based rewards that are recommended for all ICO marketing campaigns. These rewards can be split up between pre-ICO and post-ICO efforts.

Some examples of bounty programs include:

- Bounties for website / white paper translations
- Social media campaigns
- Forum signatures

There is a delicate balance in a world of bounty programs, and this is where an ICO marketing agency with experience might help. Offer too little or no rewards and there is a risk that no one will participate, offer too much and investors might see the ICO as a scam or not worth investing into. When implemented correctly, bounty programs are one of the most effective marketing tactics.


Allocating a small portion of the ICO hard cap to run a small pre-sale can give an indication as to how your marketing efforts are working out. Usually, these pre-sales are open to large investors that are interested in new crypto projects.

At Freegram we have a large database of crypto investors that we offer as part of our ICO Marketing Packages.
two men handshaking closing an ICO marketing deal
Hopefully, these 5 tips will help your ICO project reach successful funding. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us

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