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6 Instagram mistakes to avoid

Dan Morales
Marketer & Growth Hacker
January 6 ✏ 3 min read
Experience is the best teacher. Instagram has a lot of businesses that have learned from their experience. In other words, they have learned from their tremendous fails.

Sometimes, brands on Instagram try to achieve their goals through a "smart" and unique marketing strategy. They want to engage clients, increase business growth, get more traffic for their website or app and increase sales for their products. However, it is dangerous to expect that one marketing strategy works for everything. Most of the marketing strategies small businesses find online are not great at all. That is why we made this list of the top 6 Instagram mistakes you need to avoid.
1. Sometimes users have an excessive reliance on automated tools.

There are lots of tools that can help businesses or normal users manage most social media platforms with some degree of automation. Managing an Instagram account can be an exhausting job, specially when done right. This is why sometimes companies find tools to automate the most monotonous of tasks, such as writing comments, liking posts and following other users.

These types of tools seem to facilitate the managing of an account. However, if our followers discover that they are not interacting with real people, but with an automated machine using canned responses, they can lose interest in the brand and stop commenting altogether. Also, these automation tools often bring about embarrassing situations. For instance, it is very common for automated tools to give answers to users that are not relevant to their original comment.
2. Should you use SEO (search engine optimization) tools?

Many businesses fall into the trap of hiring SEO marketing agencies to improve the performance of their Instagram accounts. There is no SEO on social media, there is no secret way of ranking posts higher or getting them to show up on the trending pages.

SEO marketing agencies should be focused on helping businesses build a stronger website with a higher ranking in Google or other search engines. If your goal is to improve your brand's visibility on Instagram, then look for Social Media Marketing Agencies, not SEO.

3. Writing predictable posts.

Many places on the internet recommend posting consistently as the #1 strategy to grow an Instagram account, however most of these users with low knowledge Publications should have similar interests and objectives. However, they must be unique, creative, fun and attract the attention of your followers.

One big example of a predictable post is seen on many brands that try to take advantage of posts that have been successful in the past. They post different versions of the same content. The result is boring posts that are ignored by most of their followers.
google ranking
Real footage of SEO Work
4. Should you only post pictures and videos of your brand?

This is a mistake a lot of people tend to commit. Most companies fill their Instagram account with images of their products. However, this content becomes predictable and boring. It's good to give your followers a break from the same content with funny and touching content, that explores other facets of your brand. The best way we have seen brands do this is by having clear content verticals that they will be posting for the month. For example, Monday they post a current meme edited to reflect their brand message. Tuesday they post a product, Wednesday a quote, Thursday a comment on current events. You see the point?

5. You need to remember that quality is better than quantity.

Most businesses publish thousands of posts on their Instagram accounts, saturating their followers and demonstrating a poor marketing strategy. The result is a boring content that generates little interaction with their followers. If a business wants to stand out, they should create high-quality posts.

6. What about Hashtags?

We know hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get more engagement. However, too many hashtags can be a problem for our posts. Thats why, we need to use them with caution. 7 and 8 are the magical numbers. A recent study found that publications with 7 or 8 hashtags received more interaction from their followers.

There is also another way, you can add hashtags to the first comment below the post, or under so much blank space that users would have to click to see more.
Are you worried your Instagram page is currently making some of these mistakes? Why not check with us for free to see how we can help you boost your Instagram page!

If you´re interested in more Instagram content, check out our blog for more awesome tips on how to have the best Instagram profile!

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