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Can you actually invite targeted audience to your Telegram channel?
Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
September 28 ✏ 5 min read
Filling a Telegram Group or Channel with highly targeted individuals is every ICO`s dream. What if there was a way to get thousands of potential investors from a certain country or part of the world directly to your group or channel?
We got news for you… THERE IS A WAY!

But first, we have to answer one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts regarding Telegram, "what is the difference between a Telegram group and a Telegram channel"?

Channels: ideal for announcements, news, blogs, and updates a channel limits sending of messages to only the creator and the admins. Members invited to the channel will only be able to see the message and cannot participate by chatting. Pro-tip: You can invite to the channel if you are an admin and channel is below 200 members.

Groups: The default group chat, everyone can send messages. Admins are present and can restrict users or remove them from the group. Basically, a group is a standard group chat. Can be upgraded to a supergroup after the 200 member limit. A supergroup can hold up to 100,000 members. Can you imagine having 100,000 people in an ICO group?

Now that you understand what the difference between a group and a channel, let's explain how inviting works on Telegram.

Inviting is the action of adding someone to a Telegram group without necessarily needing their consent, one account can add limited members to a group.
One account can invite 30-50 members to a group in a 24 hour window period - the account gets blocked after so many invites
This means that if you want to invite 10000 people to a group, you need 200-300 users to do so.
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Here is an example of a channel that we are viewing as a regular member. As you can see the member list is condensed into a sum of all members and there is no plus sign option to add more members like there was in the group.

Now that we have gone over the basics, if you are reading this you most likely have a channel which you wish to boost with thousands of members from a real audience. Normally a real targeted audience may only be invited into groups due to Telegram restrictions.

So what can you do?
1. Create Telegram Group
Follow our guideline to prepare the group for inviting service. This group will be become your new channel or use it to redirect the audience to your main channel.
2. Convert Group To Channel
There are bots you can use that will mute everyone in the group including new members as they are added. The group then becomes a channel like and you may invite unlimited targeted members!
3. Target Desired Audience
The next question becomes, how do we actually invite users from the desired audience?

Targeting on Telegram works as following:

  • Research within telegram search and/or Google for groups that have the most relative audience to your business/project.
  • Find ICOs who are trying to revolutionize the same industry as you, go to their website, find their Telegram group and target from there! People in these kind of groups will most likely be very interested in the industry you are after!
  • Compile a list of relevant groups where you can invite from.

You can target members by interests, geo-location, groups they are part of and more custom targeting options.

Once you have compiled your list of desired groups, then comes the hard part, you must carefully select active participants of those groups and then invite them to join your group, managing hundreds of accounts at once to avoid reaching the invite limit per account.
Remove inactive users.
Lastly, the inactive users used to invite can be removed or left in the group. Make sure you have a pinned post (link to pin post art) in your group about why those users have been invited into your group. You can then use this new "Channel like group" to redirect users to a website, video, original Telegram Channel or anything else using a well prepared pinned message.

Best practices show that Telegram users are OK with being added to a group if that group is of interest to them as searching for groups within telegram is still a nightmare, due to the fact that Telegram shows only top 3 results when you try to search for something within that app.
So why would anyone want to invite users to a channel instead of a group where they can not chat?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Reaching a target audience for an announcement channel for upcoming ICO
  2. Growing a dedicated news channel for any kind of project
  3. Creating a no spam telegram group where only admins or promoted members can talk (example: trading signals, sports betting, forex, news)

We strongly believe that by inviting Telegram users into a group that is indeed relevant to their interest is good for both the group and the users since it becomes a new way of discovering something they would have otherwise missed out on, so don't try to invite everyone into your group — look for people that will appreciate your invitation.

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