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How can I get more post views in my Telegram channel?

Dan Morales
Marketer & Growth Hacker
January 6 ✏ 3 min read
Telegram channel post views are Telegram´s way of letting channel admins know how many people viewed a post. This is only for channels and does not work on groups. If you are new to Telegram, channels and groups have different functions, learn more about them in this blog post where we dive into the detailed differences.

So, why would admins want to increase post views?
Admins usually equate increasing post views, with growing their channel audience. So more post views equal more engaged members. If the Telegram Channel is run by a business, community managers would usually be measured by average views on posts, since these views can also mean the post was considered "good" or "interesting" by members of the channel.
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So how can you increase Telegram channel post views?

The obvious answer is to rapidly grow your Telegram channel with real members, right? However this is a task that can take a long time using traditional methods, such as promoting the channel on your website, social media or other related Telegram channels. There are Telegram channel services dedicated to helping channels with their marketing activities.

Some of the services can be really beneficial for your telegram channel, helping you grow your post views and even providing subscription services to increase all future post views.

If you continue increasing views on your posts, your channel will have higher engagement capturing the attention of more members thereby naturally sending more traffic to your website.

Telegram is a long-term investment in terms of content and time, for every business. But once an engaged audience is created, return on the investment will come easily and quickly. So why not look for the help of professional telegram marketing services to grow your channel effectively?

Learn more about our Telegram channel marketing services here.
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