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Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
September 21 ✏ 9 min read
"How do I get more Youtube views and subscribers?" is a one of the most commonly asked questions in our chat and with good reason, Youtube receives more than 1 billion hours of videos played daily.
It has made a countless amount of content creators rich, like really rich. In fact, some YouTubers are raking in over $10 MILLION dollars a year. So, of course, it has become the new dream for many young adults to become youtube stars, and the first step is to increase your Youtube views, Youtube subscribers and video likes. So make sure you read the rest of this article in order to learn 10 REAL and effective tricks to boost your channel to influence status quickly.

Let's get started.
1. Create Quality Content
This one is a no-brainer. There are millions of channels on Youtube and competition is harder than ever. So what can be defined as quality content? Firstly a video that is recorded at a high resolution (1080p 60fps) (frames per second) and with clear audio. Any of the newer iPhones can record at 1080p and 60fps so this should be your minimum starting point. Big Youtubers are spending tens of thousands of dollars on cameras and equipment for a reason.

Secondly, quality content is also composed of value-adding information. This means that the contents of your video need to be interesting to the viewer in some way. For example, if you are making Fortnite Youtube videos as a small channel your chances of gaining more views will increase if you are teaching viewers how to build faster or how to find the latest weekly challenge rather than just uploading a 5-minute video of you playing.

All in due time, when your audience is big enough and knows your content enough to be interested in watching you play for 5 minutes, go for it but at the beginning, we recommend using the informative content.
Current top search results for “Fortnite”. Quality content has the most views. | Freegram Blog
Current top search results for "Fortnite". Quality content has the most views.
2. Remind people to subscribe (without begging)
This tip is simple but easy to forget. Simply asking your viewers to remember to subscribe at the end of a video can increase your Youtube Subscribers quickly, just make sure to ask in the right way.

For example, saying "please subscribe" is not going to be as effective in increasing your Youtube subscriber count as saying something like "If you liked this video and want to see more like this, make sure you Subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified when a new video is uploaded".

Increase your subscriber count is vital to increasing your overall views, and if you are a new channel it's also vital to be able to monetize your videos.
3. Optimize your titles and descriptions
Remember you are competing with hundreds and thousands of videos on YouTube, so making yours stand out is your main challenge. That's why using an optimized description is almost as important as creating quality content. After all, what's the point of great content if people are not going to be able to find it?

A correct title and description help viewers and the Youtube platform understand what your video is all about, and more importantly relate it to other videos so when users are watching related content it can recommend your video.

Here is an example of how to optimize a title and description:
A title that tells the user exactly what the video is about, and what to expect in terms of content plus a description that repeats the keywords present in the title, in the case square video for facebook in premiere pro.
4. Use relevant tags and hashtags (new feature)
YouTube video tags are an additional way to help distinguish what your video is about and helps the platform`s algorithm have a clearer understanding of what users will view when they click on your video.

Tags, along with your description and title, are a Youtuber`s SEO toolbox and you should start getting familiar with them as these should reflect the core of what your videos are about always in order to increase visibility in search rankings.
Youtube hashtags are a relatively new addition to videos, and while in the past these were usually added in the description, now they can be added to show on top of the video title. YouTube hashtags work the same as hashtags on Twitter or Instagram, it helps users find relevant content so make sure you use them correctly!
5. Build and increase your community
Building a community takes time but it is one of the most rewarding tasks that you can start working on for your channel. There are many ways to build a community but for this tip, we will focus on creating engagement. So how do you create engagement?

The best way when you are starting out is to respond to comments. Taking the time to respond to a user's comment can encourage others to comment as well. And if your community feels like you are listening and responding to them, they will become loyal to your channel and keep coming back.

Extra tip: user questions in comments to generate content as well by creating videos answering comments.
6. Stick to a consistent posting schedule
YouTube, just like any other social network requires consistency. Youtube`s main goal is to have the end user (viewers) visiting the website daily. Therefore, it rewards channels that keep users coming back to the site. This is why the main Youtubers work so hard to push out content on a daily basis.

We know that as a small channel creating daily content is nearly impossible, so the next best thing is to create a schedule that you can follow and that your users can become accustomed to. For example, new videos every Tuesday. This will teach your audience to always look out for your content on Tuesdays.
7. (Quick) Use Youtube paid ads
There are a hundred articles out there teaching aspiring Youtubers how to grow their channel without spending a dime, however, they fail to mention that with their methods it will take years to see any tangible results. Your time is also worth something, so consider how much spending months and months generating content to only see a 15% increase in views is costing you.

So if you have the budget for it, one of the fastest ways (although very expensive) to grow your Youtube Subscribers and get more views yt will be using the platforms paid ads to reach new potential subscribers. We have another cheaper alternative that's just as fast, if not faster than Youtube ads, so if that interests you, keep reading!
8. Do collaborations with other Youtubers
Collaborations can be found everywhere, Youtube, the music industry, movies, TV etc…

That's because they work. When you make a video with a Youtube that has a similar niche or topic to yours you are essentially introducing your content to a new potential audience. Same goes for the other person involved in a collaboration, it's a WIN-WIN scenario for both parties involved.

The hardest part about this tip is building up your audience at the start to the point where your channel will become big enough to attract the attention of other YouTubers.
9. Piggy back off your other social media channels
If you are working on growing your Youtube channel, you will also need to share your content on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. This will serve two purposes, notifying your fans that new content has been uploaded and reaching a new audience from a different social network.

For example, Pewdiepie, the biggest Youtuber has his community on Reddit which basically supplies him with content for all of his videos, thereby eliminating his need to brainstorm video idea. Of course, growing multiple communities at once can take a long time to provide you with actual results. There are easier ways you can boost your other social channels.
10. (Quick) Boost your channel
Most of the tips we have shared involve tedious amounts of time, effort, blog sweat, and tears. But what if you could achieve the same results that 6 months of hard work would bring in a couple of minutes? Sounds good right?

Well, you can! There is phenomenon called the SNOWBALL effect, whereas the name states, once your content gets a small push or boost it will continue growing at an accelerated rate due to how the Youtube algorithm works, which always recommends content that has gained a lot of views in a short amount of time (known as viral content) with more priority than anything else.

So what is boosting?

consists of sending real views or subscribers from bigger channels and large social media accounts to your channel in order to give it that small push it needs to trigger the snowball effect.

Here is an example:

Video X was boosted with 2000 views.

2 Days later video X had 6000 views! Meaning that small boost brought it over 4000 organic views in 2 days.

The average views on the channel were around 1000 views per video. So now, imagine boosting a video with 10,000 views or 50,000 the HUGE snowball effect it can achieve and how many subscribers that would bring you.

Is it safe? - Yes, 100% safe.

So why not go with Youtube ads? Simple, cost-effectiveness, Youtube ads require the knowledge and expertise to use Google AdWords, plus it can be very expensive if you do not know what you are doing. Meanwhile, boosting just takes a couple of clicks and you're done!

Hopefully, these tips will help aspiring Youtubers get more views, subscribers and likes on their videos, just remember content and consistency is king! So which route will you take? The slow and tedious grind to Youtube fame or now that you know how the snowball effect and the Youtube algorithm work will you take advantage of it by boosting your videos? Let us know in the comments!

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