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4 Proven Ways Of Gaining Real IG Followers

Dan Morales
Marketer & Growth Hacker
June 4 ✏ 2 min read

Instagram Growth Hacks

With Instagram becoming one of the fastest growing social networks among young adults, having a large amount of IG followers is quickly becoming the fastest path to becoming an influencer or internet celebrity.

At Freegram we have created this growth hacking guide with the top 4 ways to grow your Instagram following quickly.

4 proven ways of gaining IG followers real Instagram followers


A year ago Instagram influencers noticed that geo-tagging their pics in Singapore made their engagement, likes, comments and new followers shoot through the roof. Although no one really understood why this particular city had that effect, millions around the world quickly jumped on the Singapore tagging trend.
Phone on table - gaining IG followers instagram growth hacking
When using location tags in stories you have a chance to show up in the citywide recommended stories, which have a great chance of increasing your followers on Instagram.

Learn more about the Singapore hack here.


Interacting with other users (it IS a social network after all) is also a quick, although tedious way, of attaining new IG followers.

Leaving comments on popular influencer pictures, following new users, liking other user´s pictures, and interacting with your own audience are some of the recommended ways to gain more exposure and real Instagram followers.
person on phone gaining ig followers growth hacking instagram


Some influencers have dedicated their lives to building and growing their profiles. Putting in the hard work and posting consistently will pay off with results. Gaining real Instagram followers is all about exposure, the more you post, the more opportunities you have to reach new users that might follow you.
take more photos text for gaining real ig followers
Creating a posting calendar and sticking to it requires discipline and lots of time. You can always use community management services to outsource the growth of your profile.


All of the methods mentioned so far require manual work, be it liking pictures, commenting/responding to comments or creating a posting schedule. All of these can increase your IG followers however here at Freegram we have a much better way!

Imagine growing your profile to influencer-level overnight?
smartphone taking pictures of food to gain real instagram followers
Buying followers builds social status which then creates a snowball effect.

Instagram users are more likely to follow a profile with a large follower base thanks to the social status these social media outlets have gained in our societies.

What are your favorite ways of growing an Instagram profile?

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