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Top 7 ICO Marketing Strategies for 2019

Dan Morales
SMM Adviser
March 5th ✏ 3 min read
Looking back to the ICO craziness of late-2017 & early-2018 and where projects are right now, we want to share what we think worked well for them and what ICO/TGE marketing directions coming up projects can employ in 2019 to be successful in the long run.

Crypto projects with the best market performance during a downturn are who have strong community behind them, who trust in the project no matter what (Look at ETC and the latest 51% attack in the crypto-world, the price of the coin should be 0 but its community would not dump tokens no matter what happened to the networks and its instability. It is a paradox!). That brings us to 7 points how to build a strong crypto community for your ICO:

- Flawless community management and actually helping members to get to the bottom of the project and how it will be helpful to a future us, not just in Telegram, but as well as in Reddit, Twitter, Medium, Youtube and other platforms. We see majority of projects do not even reply to people comments and questions outside of telegram!

- Fastest way to get the initial base- limited time airdrop with this tool (hyperlink) where you can collect a lot of data from the bot users and send direct messages to all of them with token sale details

- Bounty program to get the army of people to promote your project for you

- Quizzes, giveaways, exciting ways for get your tokens before, during or after the sale

- Regular video updates from founding team or community managers

- Live stream AMAs and Reddit AMAs to answer any questions in real time

- Inviting your targeted audience from the Telegram groups of projects in your space, yes, that still works well and pretty much every project in crypto space have used this tool

And of course, positive news! Projects should look at what best ICOs over the years did, not just product wise.


IoTeX was one of the first (if not first) to get better terms with their strategic investors to postpone release of private round tokens to shift the first unlock date to a due to bearish market conditions. That strategy was well adopted later on by QuarkChain and other projects.

On the flip side, there are tons of horrible examples where as soon as private round unlocks price goes down 5-10 times in a matter of hours- that is absolutely horrendous and only shows that company's main investors do not believe in it long term.

Plan to stay ahead of schedule and actually develop the product. Projects like Pchain and NKN are developing ahead of their projected roadmap presented during ICO! Being on time with development does give your community a positive outlook.

A valuable partnership to a startup is something what will bring you actual clients. A good partnership can open new horizons, create an environment for other developers to build on top of your blockchain. Partnerships are done not just for the sake of saying "Hey! Look at us how cool we are - we have partnered with 15 other crypto startups"

Announcement of the announcement of the announcement might have worked for Justin Sun and Verge founders during the hype season, but for please do not use it. State only true facts in publishing sources with a good track record.

This always gives us a good laugh:
Ref. Justin Sun Twitter account (https://twitter.com/justinsuntron)

That's why we love blockchain, right? Being transparent about every move of your crypto project is another key to succeed during a long downturn of cryptocurrency market. A great example of transparency is LTO Network, which, given horrible market conditions, was able to raise money in January 2019 and perform extremely well on the exchanges ever since.
Ref. ICO Drops - ICO News & Alerts (https://t.me/icodrops)
Over secretive crypto projects do not usually perform well based on our observations of crypto market over last 2 years. Their stealth mode crypto marketing does not cut anymore during hard times of BTC losing over 80% of its value. You need to have a clear roadmap, open about prices during seed and pre-public rounds, lock ups, compensations, burn rate and the final goal.

Idea for new crypto project in 2019 should be good, interesting, valuable, feasible. Stating that your team is building Ethereum killer with 10000000 TPS with just a whitepaper and a landing page will not let you raise 45 million dollars like back in 2017 and early 2018! Crypto market has seen thousands of horrible ideas for the next "big thing", do not try to do and market next Amazon on blockchain, or Uber.

And finally, we have to remember what a huge difference listing on exchanges makes. There are hundreds of projects never got listed on decent size exchanges, which only led to a decline of their token prices due to illiquidity with a total frustration from investors participated in ICO.

Listing on top exchanges gives a big boost of confidence, given a fact that liquidity is one of the biggest problems of entire crypto ecosystem for all 10 years since BTC network went live. The more exchanges your project is listed on, the better it is for its liquidity and price stability. Crypto community see listing on the exchange as a very strong ICO marketing moves. Some projects think that focusing on the price is not necessary, but the lower the price the easier it is to control the network (this is valid for both for POW and POS) with 51% attack. Starting the discussions with exchanges even before ICO is a great strategy long term!

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