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We're the only service in the world that provides you with activity from real people with full customization on your order!

Your Twitter Growth Is About To Take Off!


We don't offer services from robots or ghost accounts. Every single like or tweet that you get comes from a real, active Twitter user.
Tweets with hashtags get over 12% more engagement.
Twitts will be dropping in as soon as you place an order!
Hundreds of retweets for your posts from real users!
... and much more!
Automatic Detection
The system will automatically detect new upload & will start adding likes.
Post Activity
Need more activity on your posts? Simply pre-set the activity on you future posts!
Build your own package in few clicks. No password or registration required.
Professional Support
Contact us any time through our chat and get a helpful response within minutes.


Buy tailored package as a one-time payment and watch as your twitter profile gets growth and promoted almost instantly!
Twitter Promotion Bundle
Twitter Promotion Bundle
Twitter Promotion Bundle

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Save up to 40% by creating a bigger package!
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Save up to 40% by creating a bigger package!
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Is it safe to buy Twitter followers?
From Freegram- absolutely, other websites/ provides we cannot be too sure!

Given the fact every single follower, like, retweet comes from an actual real individual, from 1 and only device, unique IP, we always guarantee that nothing will ever happen to your Twitter page. When you try to add thousands of bots in 1 day- it can easily ban your account which would never happen when you use Freegram's social media services!
How do you guarantee followers coming from Freegram are actually real?
We had partnered with https://deligate.it/ where people earn few cents for each micro-task they do online right inside the messenger platforms from their phone or computers. There is a full control in place: who did which task, from which device, from which location. All this gives our team full certainty about the quality of profiles and social media services we sell to Freegram's customers
Do you work with agencies? Do you offer cash back or special discounts for partners?
Yes, we do! Please contact our billing team via chat or [email protected] and have a discussion regarding your needs and desired volumes of orders. We are sure to accommodate anyone's needs!
I am a returning customer, can I get a discount?
Please send us your email and based on your previous orders, our billing team will issue a custom discount promo-code for you!
What are the risks on buying Twitter likes and retweets from Freegram?
None, every like or retweet on your Twitter tweet will be done by real people, from his or hers device, not some bot farm!

Our partner Deligate pays real people real money for doing small tasks which brings all the risk not even to minimum but to absolute zero.
What is the delivery & start timing for Twitter boosting services?
Starting time:

Immediate, your tasks ads to the system automatically and starts within few minutes, sometimes seconds! In a case of the emergency where there are hundreds of orders in queue, the starting time may be automatically delayed to avoid overloads in the back-end.

Delivery speed:

Fast! There are well over 33,000 people who do tasks online and when the task enters the system it gets done real quick
Can I target followers, likes or retweets from a specific country e.g. USA or UK?
You will be in the very near future, Deligate and Freegram teams are working on the update where you will be able to choose the region or even a country from where you want the audience to come from for Twitter promotion!